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We Are An Established Adelaide Family Law Firm With A Strong Client Focus!

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Adelaide Family Lawyers are committed to providing access to justice. What this means for you is that we assist you to complete all relevant documentation, explain the court process and how we propose to assist you. We will listen to your concerns and clarify precisely what is achievable within the procedural restraints of the court processes and rules.

We know that family law issues, more often than not, also include the following elements:

  • Child support
  • Tenancy
  • And many other legal areas

We can provide you with comprehensive advice on these issues as well as other areas that you might not have thought of, including:

  • Making a will
  • Making a new will (depending on your circumstances)
  • Binding financial agreements
  • Child support agreements

We assure you that we will research any relevant areas and advise you comprehensively.

For example, we have researched issues for a client relating to passports. In this situation, the other parent refused to sign the passport forms and we researched into the Passports Office procedures. From there we determined how we could assist the client and whether there was a speedier alternative than proceeding with court action. Additionally, if you are wanting to be involved we will refer you to relevant websites and organisations.

We endeavour to keep our fees to a minimum. For example:

  • We do not charge a file opening fee.
  • We are open to negotiation with our fee structure.
  • We can do set fees for certain items.
  • We do not charge for any telephone calls from clients that last for only a minute or two

We prefer to send documentation and letters to our clients by email or fax. We can guarantee that all telephone calls will be returned, that we will check and answer emails daily and our file management procedures are always up to date.

If you contact us by telephone we request that your calls are relevant and that you keep them to a minimum but having said that we will always return your calls within 24 hours.

family lawyers adelaide

Our Team

family lawyers adelaide

Jennifer Hirst


Jennifer is an experienced family lawyer with considerable knowledge of the processes involved in family law and also in a range of other fields. Jennifer has completed the LEADR mediation course and has attended many mediations at the Legal Services Commission for clients, leading to parental agreements and/or consent Minutes of Order which have been filed in the Federal Circuit Court as final orders.

Jennifer’s experience also incorporates a background in tenancy law, consumer law, tax law (including self-managed superannuation funds) and child support. Jennifer’s past work history includes working at the Child Support Agency for five years and also at the Tenancy Advice Branch for over three years, providing advice to both tenants and landlords, resolving disputes and referring matters to the relevant Tribunal.

Consultation Process

The process involves an initial 30-minute consultation to take instructions and provide initial advice which may include community mediation. If unsuccessful or inappropriate for the circumstances the next step may be to write directly to the other party or their solicitor to commence the negotiation process or otherwise the matter may need to proceed to court.

During the court process, the parties are expected to negotiate where possible to progress and finalise the matter.  If the parties are unable to reach an agreement the matter will be listed for trial in which case the judge will make all decision to finalise the matter.

  • 3rd party negotiations

    This includes community mediation through one of the community providers such as Centacare, Anglicare and Relationships Australia.

  • Court negotiations

    This is the next step if community mediation is not successful.

  • Trials

    If the parties are unable to negotiate successfully to finalise the matter it will be listed for trial

Sealed Court Order

 If parties are happy with a parenting agreement or otherwise through a community mediation service they will not need to go to court.  Otherwise, the court will make a decision, either by consent via the parties’ negotiations through the court process or at trial by the judge.

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