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Finding a Family Lawyer to handle your family law matter can be a very trying process. We offer a 30 minute initial consult with one of our experienced Family Lawyers during which we will assess your matter and offer comprehensive advice.

At Adelaide Family Lawyers we understand that going through a family breakdown is an emotionally difficult time and that it is important to put your family in the hands of someone you can trust. Our team of friendly and experienced lawyers will provide you with legal advice in a clear and easy to understand manner and where possible will help you to negotiate a resolution to save you the costs and emotional stress of going to Court.

At Adelaide Family Lawyers we are committed to providing access to justice. If it appears at your initial consultation that you are unable to afford legal representation and we believe that you meet the eligibility criteria for a grant of Legal Aid, we will assist you through the application process including the completion of the relevant application form.

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Consultation Process

The process involves an initial 30-minute consultation to take instructions and provide initial advice which may include community mediation. If unsuccessful or inappropriate for the circumstances the next step may be to write directly to the other party or their solicitor to commence the negotiation process or otherwise the matter may need to proceed to court.

During the court process, the parties are expected to negotiate where possible to progress and finalise the matter.  If the parties are unable to reach an agreement the matter will be listed for trial in which case the judge will make all decision to finalise the matter.

  • 3rd party negotiations

    This includes community mediation through one of the community providers such as Centacare, Anglicare and Relationships Australia.

  • Court negotiations

    This is the next step if community mediation is not successful.

  • Trials

    If the parties are unable to negotiate successfully to finalise the matter it will be listed for trial

Sealed Court Order

 If parties are happy with a parenting agreement or otherwise through a community mediation service they will not need to go to court.  Otherwise, the court will make a decision, either by consent via the parties’ negotiations through the court process or at trial by the judge.

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Changing Child's Surname Post Separation - Adelaide Family Lawyers

When couples divorce it is not uncommon for the wife to change her surname back to her maiden name. The question is though, what rights does the mother have if she wants to change the child's surname ... See more

Changing your child’s name post separation Under the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) there is a presumption of Shared Parental Responsibility. This means that the parents of a child will equally share in ... See more

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Split families facing long wait for court

With many Federal Circuit Court Judges now listing trials well into 2019, there is an even greater push for parties to enter into meaningful negotiations outside of the court room.

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MOST South Australian families in the midst of a breakdown will have to wait until at least 2019 for the court to hear their dispute.

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Widow warns of 'emotional turmoil', legal limbo for those without wills

A cautionary tale for those that do not have a valid Will.
If you don't have a Will or you haven't updated your Will for some time, call and make an appointment with us today.

Nearly half of West Australians over the age of 40 do not have a will, which the Public Trustee warns leaves them open to nasty legal battles.

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